New Beginnings

Greetings!  I decided to start this blog as a sort of spiritual journal to share my own experiences.  This sort of thing may not be of interest to everyone but some may find it useful to read.  Mostly though it is an opportunity to express my thoughts through the creative art of writing.

So this blog is called American Druid – A Spiritual Journey.  I chose that name because I am an American and follow the spiritual discipline of Druidry or as it is sometimes called, Druidism.  Druidry isn’t a religion in the sense of how most people think of religion with big churches and clergy and a god or gods.  Druidry is rather a framework or a path in which a person works to find their own spiritual reality.  Those who follow this path may worship any god or goddess they choose.  They may worship multiple dieties or none at all.  The hallmark of this path is acceptance and understanding that each of us is on a journey and to support each other along that path.

I am doing my formal studies through the Order of Bards, Ovates, and Druids.  There are many other orders and smaller groups spread throughout the world but I felt that this particular group had a very well developed study program.  So I while I can’t share the specifics of my studies here as they are reserved for members of the Order, I can share some of the lessons I learn as I go through the experience but also just things from my own life.

Druidry isn’t so much about recreating ancient rituals or dressing in white robes although both of those are fine and have their place.  Druidry is mostly about connecting with the the divine, with our own selves, and with the land.  So Druidry in England may be somewhat different than Druidry in America or in Asia.  The plants are different.  The trees are different.  The land and its history are different.  So it is important to understand where you are physically and connect with the place.  This will have a significant impact on the journey itself.

Well, I think that suffices for an introductory post.  More to follow over time.


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