What do the Druids and Druidry mean to me?


Recently in my coursework for OBOD I was challenged with the question:  What do the Druids and Druidry mean to me?  I wanted to share my journal entry with you.

Historically the Druids don’t mean a great deal to me beyond my general interest in history.  They represent a small connection to my ancestral past and I think the tales are interesting but I don’t feel compelled to recreate their lifestyle as a reconstructionist might.  They do however represent a way of life that is focused on knowledge which I do value.  Knowledge of self, knowledge of the physical world, knowledge of the spiritual world, and knowledge of the divine.  Druidry for me represents a path towards spiritual awareness and spiritual connectedness.  My own vision of the Divine is very broad and Druidry is a pathway towards discovery.  I don’t see Druidry as a religion with a diety but rather a spiritual practice in which the divine is more clearly recognized and understood.

I think that the great thing about Druidry is that people of all kinds of backgrounds and beliefs can come together in this same discipline and use it without conflict.  They can each have their own understanding of the Divine but still use the framework of this spiritual path to grow in their knowledge and understanding.  Druidry also compels us towards connectedness in the arts, music, healing, and wisdom.  That is what the Druids and Druidry mean to me.

This was a short entry in my journal but I really love this question and the thinking that it forces on me.  I was raised in a Christian home and most of my family still identifies with various Christian churches.  I don’t have anything against the Christian faith or the traditions.  I simply believe that it is too narrow a vision of the Divine.  I think that God (gender-neutral) is much bigger than our minds can fathom but through spiritual practice we can come to see glimpses of the bigger picture and participate in the spiritual world as well as the physical.

Beltane is right around the corner and I hope that you have a great celebration of this time of year.


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